Think or imagine a university or faculty!

The main responsibilities of these institutions are education and scientific research (defined in Law #2547).

The education is performed within working ours (08:00 AM – 17:00 PM). Sometimes, there can be evening education in this faculty (till 23:00 PM at working day, 17:00 PM at weekend).

Well, when is the research done?

Definitely, a research is an intensive and time consuming process and this can be within or after the working ours, nights, mornings, continuous…

If the door of this faculty is opened only within working ours, what the researhers should do is an important problem.

What is the main responsibility of a university or a faculty? No longer, I think and imagine this university or this faculty is not a research institution, or the managers, directors, administrators have forgotten this important topic defined in the law #2547 due to general staff policies.